Wild + Free Business and Mentorship Program

What is your wildest dream to accomplish in your lifetime? Are you on the path to achieve this? Where do you want to be 1 year from now and beyond?

If you want to make the next year of your life one that lights you up every day and takes you down a path that you only ever dreamt of, we need to collaborate.

I have spent years working on my own business adventures, learning and growing everyday. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love to give back. With all this knowledge and experience I have found a passion in helping others build their businesses and legacy’s. Whether you already have a brand or you are looking to start something and have no idea where to begin, we can help.

I know money isn’t everything but one thing I have learnt over the years is that if we have our finances under control, the world of opportunities is endless. Wouldn’t you love to have a full bank account, not have to worry about working for money, eliminate any financial stress and wake up everyday and work on something you are truly passionate about whether it made you money or not? Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone worked on their passion daily? How happy would our planet be??

Well we have our own little planet we would like to introduce you to. One where that is just what it is. It’s full of inspiring go getters from all walks of life, different backgrounds and authentic stories.

It is a place that will give you permission to think outside the box, go against all the ‘traditional’ paths and welcome you to a new way of living. A way that lets you design your day when you wake up and decide with who, and how you will spend your waking hours.

Remember that feeling of being young, wild and free with endless amounts of energy and speed? Maybe you’re still there, or maybe it’s a blur. No matter what age you are or what your story is, connecting with this tribe you will reprogram you to feel that rebellious feeling of freedom and adrenaline as you start to transform your life and live your truth.

Meet the most incredible tribe on the planet – The Wild + Free Collective.wfcol


The Wild + Free Collective is a movement of inspired individuals who are working together, taking massive action and control of their lives. It is a collective of people from all over the world living outrageous and glorious lives so they can earn more to give more, live wild and free.


 Joy is where all the magic happens.

From all walks of life and authentic backgrounds and stories, we are sure that you will feel comfortable and connect with many people on our team. We are a passionate group making daily changes to create a global movement of financial freedom and true health. Joining our movement will tap into endless inspiration, coaching, mentoring and possibilities. It will open your eyes to a new way of living and open your heart to a new way of making a difference.

Our mission is to light you up, ignite the flame of passion and purpose within – we want to turn you on – are you ready?

We are always opening our arms to others who are ready to take control of their life. You may not know exactly how but if you are willing to learn and start that is all that matters. Moms, entrepreneurs, professionals, actors, athletes or any other inspired individual fits perfectly in our group. If you are passionate about pursuing your dreams, and passionate about helping others we would love to have you join our global revolution and wild adventure.

How we do it

First and foremost our tribe believes that being healthy is the foundation to success and happiness. After all, in order to enjoy and live a prosperous life we must be healthy to do so right? To make sure that we are taking care of ourselves first, we have partnered with the world’s leading nutritional science company as our foundation to become optimally healthy so we can deliver our message to the world with beautiful radiant energy.

By infusing ourselves with incredible nutrition and inspiration, the next step is to tap into our turn key business model. Freedom means having plenty of time to make the right choices for you. Our model gets your finances under control so you have the freedom to choose how you spend your days without the stress of “work”. It is one that is easy to use, easy to integrate into your already busy life, and easy to duplicate to others inspired by our action.

You will have the opportunity to connect with multiple mentors globally who will be accessible to coach, mentor and assist you with all of your needs. No matter what your current role is in life we all need more energy, better sleep, a larger network to learn from and be inspired by, more money and more time. Our model is proven to help with all of that. The beauty of this model is that WE can only succeed by helping YOU be successful. It’s a win win and working in synergy together makes for a beautiful partnership and journey together.

How it works

Joining the Collective you also become an ambassador of our favourite wellness company USANA Health Sciences. Yup that’s right – double whammy – a wicked two for one deal. You get the support and incredible inspiration, coaching and mentorship from our tribe, and the first class nutritionals and unlimited income potential from our friends at USANA. Now if that sounds good, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By partnering with USANA as part of our plan, you also get the benefits of an incredible tax shelter, a chance to grow and explore in 19 countries, all while you are building a legacy for you future.

Starting a business can seem a bit scary, and of course incredibly exciting, the combination should feel rather liberating. At Wild + Free we are here to hold your hand and help you every step of the way. We offer endless support, via social media, online webinars, and local events in many parts of the world. You will instantly become part of the happiest, healthiest, and ridiculously inspiring family on the planet, and you will never feel alone.

As a team our mission is to build our bank accounts while making a difference in the world by helping others become healthy and wealthy with us. By doing this and being committed to making a change, we build a residual income that allows us financial freedom. Now we aren’t going to beat around the bush here, money certainly isn’t everything but financial freedom is about having more time. More time to spend with your family and friends, more time to spend taking care of yourself so YOU can be your best self to give back and inspire others to do the same. Financial freedom is a very important factor in living a Wild and Free life, and creating a life that revolves around contribution.

What you get

  • Proven Business model for creating financial freedom. It’s the BEST in the industry.
  • A legacy business – what better feeling than working hard on something that will last forever.
  • The opportunity to personally grow and change your life – we are in the businesses of changing lives – are you ready?
  • A network of inspired and driven individuals of all walks of life who are scattered around the world – in other words a global family to travel with and explore.
  • A tax shelter.
  • The BEST nutritionals in the world – to keep you healthy so you can enjoy your freedom to its fullest potential and have endless energy to be Wild and Free. Check out some of USANA’s friends to assure you it’s the best – Dr. Oz, the WTA and over 800+ elite athletes.
  •  A network to help you build, grow, expand and collaborate your existing business (should you have one.) Let’s be honest, as an entrepreneur we all need a larger network (we can only grow so far on our own), more energy, a rock solid health program to keep you healthy from all the stress and excitement, and a kick ass support system to lift us up and inspire on the best of days.