Angel Card Readings

Live in person or Skype:

Spend some in depth time with myself and your angels. Ask your questions and choose your decks of cards you are most drawn to, to work with. Very interactive, jammed packed with info and loads of fun.

  • 30 Minute readings are only available via Skype or FaceTime

60 minutes: $75

30 minutes: $50 

Email Reading:

Email me your questions and I will connect with your angels and send you a detailed email back with your messages. Email will include an image of your spread and a clear detailed description of each card and the messages they tell with regards to your question. These readings are often the most accurate and in depth, I find when I have no distraction from the client especially the reading is crystal clear. It also nice to have the write up (which takes quite a bit of time) to reference and look back on.


4 Pack Bundle:

If you know you would like more than one reading the bundle of 4 is perfect for you. Save $15 on each reading when you purchase 4 at once. They don’t have to be scheduled all at the same time and within no specific time frame, and they can be used as live in person or skype or email.


Angel Party:

Host an angel party with your friends. An angel party is where we all gather together at the host’s house to call upon all of our angels and conduct individual session with all the guests. Its very interactive and fun. Readings can be open or confidential. If the host has more than 4 people join, the host will get a FREE reading. Minimum of 4 people (if its only 4 the host will pay for their reading), Maximum of 6.

30-40 Minute readings – $50/person

This is a deposit for your party and remainder of payment will be paid at the party.

*Note these rates apply for those living in the GTA – pls contact me if you wish a quote on another location.

$100 Deposit 



More than one question:

Rather than booking a separate reading you can expand your reading by asking another one which we can combine into your booked time.

$10 for each additional question

Talking to Heaven Reading:

Do you have a loved one in Heaven that you would like advice from? I have a very special deck called “Talking to Heaven” and in combination to a reading above, the simple messages always resonate and connect with the client. Its one simple card but, one that could mean the most to you.


Crystal Card Reading:

Being a certified Crystal Therapist (more so for personal use and hobby) I can also include a card from my crystal therapy deck. This will give you a little more personal insight on your energy and what crystal could help you in your current state. I absolutely love the meaning and power behind crystals and stones and they make an amazing add on to any reading. These cards generally wrap up the whole reading in a nutshell and provide even more clarity to your overall situation your seeking guidance on.


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