Pay It Forward

The More We GIVE The More We Get!

There is no better feeling than¬†giving back and making a difference in other people’s lives. Every program I offer I make sure there is a component of charity and giving back. I strongly believe that the more we give the more we get, and once we can easily and graciously hand something over to someone who needs it more, we make room in our lives for the Universe to throw more our way. It’s a simple equation.

On an on going daily basis if you would like to help me give back, I am continually contributing to the Children Hunger Fund. One of the main reasons I chose CHF is because of their ridiculously LOW admin fee, and because there is no greater feeling than helping children in need. Only 1 penny of every dollar is used for administrative costs, ensuring that what we give is going to the children in need. For more information on this charity please click here.



If you are interested in helping me with my monthly contributions in another way, I have a wonderful program where every single person who is willing to take 10 minutes of their time to complete the True Health Assessment – I will donate $2 on their behalf. I MUST receive the completion email to know you have done it though.

So please head of over and take a FREE Assessment, learn how you can improve your health and know that by taking the 10 mins to do so you will be contributing to helping children in need. WIN WIN!