My Health Story

When I fist sat down to write this it turned into novel, and as much as I would love to share every little detail of my journey, I also want each and everyone of you to see the big picture so you can understand where my passion comes from to genuinely help people with their health.

So here is my health story in a nut shell.



I was in my late 20’s starting a new chapter in our first home with my now hubby. We were young healthy and incredibly happy. Until my health started to decline slowly and steadily.

From almost the first day we moved into our new house I started to have health issues. I lost feeling in my feet first, it slowly moved to my hands, later it move into my torso. I had tremor, twitches, constant nausea, vertigo, chronic fatigue to name a few. I saw dr after dr and each and everyone of them wanted to diagnose me with MS. CT scans, ECG’s colonoscopy’s, X-rays, endless blood work, MRI’s and 4 different specialist over 3.5 years and nothing helped, but one!



There was one doctor that I connected with at about the 2.5 year mark that helped me the most. His name was Dr Strand and he was a Dr of Nutritional Medicine who worked out of Denver Colorado. When I booked a phone consult with him I was shocked that he was the first to ask me some new questions. What was my diet like? Did I live close to hydro poles or electro magnetic radiation? What were my biggest stressors? Had we had our house tested for mold spores? And had I recently had any vaccines. Interesting because each and everyone of those questions made sense to me and my symptoms so why was it the first time I had heard them? It was in that moment I felt I finally had some answers.

2.5 years prior I had the HPV vaccine Gardisal. I had recently lost my Nana to cervical cancer and my doctor at the time seemed to think I was the “perfect candidate”. Perfect because we were vulnerable and put our trust in his hands without doing any further research. It was about 4-5 weeks after my first shot that I started to lose feeling in my feet. A few months later I got the second shot, and my health declined even more and almost a year later I got the third shot and my this time I was a disaster. It all made sense and appeared to be progressive MS. But it wasn’t it I was vaccine injured.

I ended up going on a nutritional protocol for MS to help alleviate the symptoms. Most subside to the point where I felt like I could live again but I could still feel in under my skin and in my blood most days.



Fast forward – we got married moved houses, had our first baby, moved again, got pregnant with our second, lost our second and then got pregnant with our third…all while I felt AMAZING!! I put the past behind me thinking that I had recovered from the worst and never really spoke of those days as they were so dark and difficult. I wanted to forget it even happened. What I didn’t know was that autoimmune’s suppress when pregnant or lactating. Of course right?



So December 2015 was the longest stretch I hadn’t been pregnant or breastfeeding in 4 years. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and my whole world shattered. My hubby and I were away for our anniversary and it was in my muscles, bones, nerves and skin, I felt it creep in again. I couldn’t eat my dinner and I couldn’t even leave our hotel room. Not only could I not leave the room I couldn’t stay awake and was in so much pain. The stress and timing triggered it all to surface again and the from that day on for about a year and a half it progressively got worse.

There are no words to describe being a mom with two little one and constantly feeling the pain. Waking up and not being able to feel half your body, or having hands that don’t work to tie shoes or zip up jackets. It was depressing. I hid it from the world. I was running a health and wellness business and I wasn’t well myself, how? Why? I couldn’t be a fraud?

I was back to square one and all the testing. Doctors wanted to label me with MS and not really interested in helping me because I didn’t want to take that as an answer. Luckily I was referred to a local Dr of nutritional medicine here in Toronto.



The moment I got his info I booked and appointment to get some testing done. It was brain stimulation that tested for parasite, bacteria, heavy metals, hormone imbalances and food sensitivities. Everything surprisingly came back great, except the food. The tests revealed that my body was in shock from inflammation. I was getting worse daily because I was feeding my body foods that acted like adding fuel to a fire. I was super healthy to begin with, from what I thought, but the tests showed I have severe intolerance’s to gluten, sugar, soy, dairy, eggs, tropical fruit, vinegar, caffeine and alcohol. Ok what was I suppose to do now? Never eat again?

It was Easter weekend 2017 and a few days after receiving my test results. The Thursday before good Friday I ate a chickpea salad and about an hour later I got a chest pain, I thought it was heartburn from the onion. It got worse and worse and spread from my sternum to under my ribs and then around my back. Turns out it was a condition called Costcochrondritis, and this was my breaking point. I thought I was having a heart attack and I thought I was dying. I could barely lift my kids, couldn’t wear a bra and laid on the couch crying in agony and a lot of pitty.

I took this picture to remember my rock bottom. A moment I never wanted to feel again. Easter weekend and all I wanted to do was bake, decorate eggs and have fun egg hunts with my kids, and I couldn’t even breathe. They sat there watching TV and I remember thinking I don’t want them to ever remember these days.



So having this breaking point I was willing to do whatever I had to to feel better again. To be a wife, a mother and feel like a normal person and passionate entrepreneur. It was Easter weekend and I went cold turkey. I cut out everything I learnt from my results (which also included healthy and delicious things like tomatoes and peppers) and only focused on eating the foods I was good with.



Within a week I started to feel better. Two weeks later I felt amazing, three weeks later, I couldn’t believe this was how I was suppose to feel.

It’s now been 6 months and I still feel incredible. It’s been a total lifestyle overhaul but worth everything sacrifice to feel so alive again.

Because I’ve been able to heal myself through foods and the best nutritional supplements on the planet, all I want to do is help others feel this way too.

There have been many challenges that I’ve stumbled upon throughout this new way of living, but nothing I haven’t been able to overcome. There are days I feel the pain creep in, but I can always pinpoint exactly what caused it and why. I’ve never felt so in tune with my body.

So I hope I can help you in some way. Whether it’s to rid of pain and inflammation, share with you some delicious healthy recipes, or coach you through the 28 Refresh program. My intentions are to help you feel as good as you possibly can.

All I truly want is for everyone to live a life full for health, happiness and freedom! I hope you will join me on this journey xx