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Angel Card Readings

Have you ever just wanted to ask someone for a little bit of guidance? Needed a push in the right direction? Or maybe just some clarity or guidance on a specific situation.

Maybe just a little reassurance to know know that what your gut is telling you to do is the right thing? Well, your Angels are waiting to help you, but they will never interfere unless you ask them too.

I have always had a connection to angels and loved to watch for their signs and messages. I’m constantly reading and learning about how I can connect with them more. It was shortly after we lost our little Poppy that I spent some time really asking them for some signs, signs that she was there, signs for what I should be doing next etc etc. It took some time but I certainly got my answers.


One day as we were out walking, our little Hank who was probably about 15 month at the time stopped behind us and picked something up off the ground. My husband and I kept calling for him to come and to leave it behind. He was persistent and came walking over to us with this new treasure in his little hands. When he handed it to me, I knew that was my answer. It was a faded and  weathered Poppy! That was my angels giving me a sign that she was with us. It couldn’t have been more clear, I mean who wears a Remembrance Day Poppy in March?

My other question at this time was what should I be doing. Of course days went by and then BAM – just like a slap in the face I see a Sponsored ad from Doreen Virtue that read “If you’re looking for a sign, this is it”. What was it?? It was her announcement for her upcoming Angel Card Reading Certification Course. Very cool, but where was I going to have to go to do it and when would it be. When I opened the link I saw that she was coming to Toronto – March 17th. March 17th was the day I held my Nana’s hand when she took her last breath, it was a VERY significant day and another VERY obvious message from my angels.

So on March 17th, 2014 I went to the course and became a Certified Angel Card Reader, CACR. I started to practice and play and did many for free to make sure I was on track with the readings and sure enough it was something that came so natural and accurate, I became hooked. Hooked on helping others connect with their angels and gain some clarity, and guidance they are looking for.

I’m not a physic, I’m the messenger. I absolutely LOVE it and know that this is something I need to be doing on my journey.

I welcome you to book your reading. We can do it over the phone, via email, or if you are local I LOVE to do them in person, click here for pricing and booking info.

Your angels are waiting to help you all you have to do is ask!! xx



“Words cannot even describe the feeling I was left with, after my Angel card reading. My cards couldn’t have been more perfect for me, and Shelly explained the messages so clear. I feel so inspired to make the changes that have been right in front of my eyes, and this reading really helped give me the push I needed to pursue them. Shelly is truly amazing and I highly recommend everyone to have a reading with her!!” – Andreya


“My most recent Angel Card Reading with Shelly was so perfect and so clear! It gave me chills when I saw which cards had been revealed and how the most perfect jumper card came up. Shelly is very intuitive and she reads the cards with a knowing that she is passing on a Divine message. I highly recommend a session with Shelly!” – Julie, The Grateful Entrepreneur,


“Shelly’s card reading was my first ever, so I didn’t know what to expect. She made the whole process so simple, explained everything as she was doing it, and totally made me feel at ease. There were so many insights for me during her reading and it helped me to gain clarity on my life path. It would be fun to get my cards read again a few months later to see what they say. Totally recommend!!!” – Silvia,


“I love angel card readings with Shelly because she is very in tune with the cards and my questions on business. I get so much clarity that it is hard to be a coincidence for her to speak to it so spot on! I love most that Shelly is such a savvy woman in business with a big huge loving heart, I always get clarity and amazing insight from our session. I highly recommend Shelly!” – Whitney,


“I had an angel reading done by Shelly and it was absolutely incredible, to say the least! I can’t recommend it enough !!! I feel crystal clear on where I am headed and more than anything else my purpose and “why” are more powerful then ever. I added on a heaven card, and it was WELL WORTH IT. This was my first time trying angel card readings but I can assure you it won’t be my last! I have taken this valuable information and made my daily affirmation from it! Thanks again Shelly, you have a true gift xx” – Tonya