Angel Intelligence Certification Course

Dust off your wings, its time to fly!




I’m beyond excited to launch another round of this course since the first one was such a success. This course is an interactive and educational 2 weeks that is jammed packed with spiritual development and will leave you feel so inspired and ready to serve.

This two week course will offer you practical information that you will be able to apply in your daily life, relationships and business. As well, it will leave you with the confidence you need to start healing others, and helping others to remove blocks that may be standing in their way and holding them back from living in their highest potential.

You are a light worker, you are meant to serve others. It is what fuels your soul. If you are reading this it is no mistake that you landed on this page and are exploring what could be in store for your future.

I had a similar story. Years ago I was looking for a way to feel more ‘on purpose’. I felt a little lost (after just having lost our little girl Poppy) and a bit unfulfilled in everything that I was doing. I kept asking my angels for signs. One day on Facebook I saw a post that said “If your looking for a sign this is it”. Low and behold, I landed on a page that was a live Angel Card Reader certification course that was being held in Toronto, on March 17th which was the death anniversary of one of my dear angels, my Nana. Coincidence? I think not! The rest is history and being an angel card reader and therapist has changed my life as well as so many around me. It is truly what fills my soul.

So, are you ready to take this journey with us? Here is what this course is all about.



  • Four interactive live webinars (also recorded)
  • Private Facebook group for support, questions, brainstorming, learning, sharing and connecting,
  • A guidebook that will include space for notes and exercises
  • A guided Angel Meditation audio
  • Weekly assignments for practice and review



  • Who are the angels and archangels
  • How to raise your vibration
  • How to do an angel card reading for yourself and others
    • reading with intention
    • choosing your cards
    • cleansing your cards
    • opening prayer
    • which spread to choose
    • how to read the cards
    • cutting cords
    • and so much  more…
  • How to develop your seeing and hearing
  • How to open up and communicate
  • How to process downloads
  • How to read the daily signs they provide
  • How to strengthen and work with your intuition
  • Build confidence receiving angel guidance
  • Angel numbers 101 – what do they mean and how you can translate them
  • Crystal and Indigo children
  • Lifestyle, nutrition and diet



This is a double certificate course that will certify you as an Angel Intelligent, as well as a Certified Oracle Card Reader. You will also receive some free gifts upon completion, and access to a private Facebook group where all the graduates from each course can connect, inspire, learn an continue to grow and support each other.



  • A willingness to learn and serve others
  • Two decks of angel oracle cards (not tarot) More information and guidance will be provided in the welcome email.
  • Your heart and your light to shine!



Angel Intelligence Certification Course Wait List

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COST $444

(444 in angels numbers means your angels are with you!
You will learn more about why I chose this pricing structure in the course)



What are the graduates saying…

“I had an Angel Card reading from Shelly in the Summer of 2017 and was very blown away by the clarity I received about my life and career – so much that I wanted to provide my clients with the same clarity about their health journeys.  This AICC course was exactly what I needed.  This well-laid out, interactive (and FUN!) course combined with Shelly’s knowledge, passion & confidence provided me with the skills I needed to move forward on this journey.  I felt supported through the whole experience and had the amazing opportunity to connect with other participants.  Everyone has inspired me so much and I look forward to helping other seek clarity.  Shelly you have a true gift and your such a gem!” Tanya Jarrett


“This course has changed my life! I took the course for my own personal benefit and it became so much more. I have been able to not only find clarity and purpose in my own life but I’ve also been able to help others feel the same. It is a truly empowering experience and Shelly is a wonderful teacher! She is a very knowledgeable, passionate, kind and supportive mentor. I highly recommend the Angel Intelligence course!” – Shenise Dagg 


“I LOVED the Angel Card Intelligence course with Shelly! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and initially hesitated signing up. I’m so glad I did though. Shelly was very thorough in her teaching, and made herself available to answer any questions. I loved that I could ask anything, and she would address it. The course was interactive, and hands-on, which I really appreciated. I felt confident in giving readings to others outside the course even before the course was over. Shelly brought her own experiences to the training, and made everything approachable. I also valued her FB live videos that she would share throughout, along with additional resources. The women in the group were also wonderful and very supportive. I highly recommend this course!” Michelle Wong


“I had learned a little on my own in the past 6 months or so and planed on taking this course just to learn more for my own practice, but now I want to do readings for others as part of my business! I learned so much about my own energy. I no longer see my connection to others’ energy as a weakness, I see it as a strength. I can’t thank Shelly enough for all of her work and dedication to us!” Ashley King


“The Angel Intelligent Course is nothing short of MAGIC! Shelly shares her PASSION, her extensive knowledge, and her personal experiences with the Angel realm throughout the teachings. Personally I have always been connected to the Angel realm and communicated with the Angels for myself but Shelly’s course really provided me with enhanced theory, opportunities for practice, a supportive online community and the CONFIDENCE to continue to develop my angel intuitiveness and use this gift in service to others. Thank you Shelly for sharing your passion x” – Jessica Jenkins


“I couldn’t say enough praise about Shelly’s Angel  Intelligence course! It was full of amazing insight and knowledge that was easy to digest and take in as well as kept you engaged throughout the process. I’ve now added a beautiful modality to my spiritual coaching practice that serves my clients in a whole different way! There was a wonderful sense of community in the VIP group as well and I’ve met some great people. The perfect combination of knowledge (without overloading) and practicum to facilitate confidence in serving others. Thank you Shelly for creating this course for so many to step into their gifts.” Michelle Tegola 


“Wow! The Angel Intelligence course far exceeded my expectations!! I am forever thankful for Shelly’s modern approach to spirituality and all things angels!! The 2 weeks is action packed, full of support and really makes you step outside your comfort zone (in the best way possible)!! Being an angel Card reader is such a special gift and has given me so much more confidence in my intuitive abilities. I’m so excited to be certified and have the opportunity to give so many souls the loving guidance they’re looking for!” Tonya Vanderhart 


“This course was pure MAGIC!! Shelly over delivered on the content and I love love love her teaching style – interactive, personal, relatable and most of all FUN.  The group was completely high vibe, the women were real, raw and honest.  It was so incredible to see the transformation in each other in such a short period of time. If you want to give yourself a blessing take this course. And be ready for some serious co-creation with your angels & the universe!! Your angels are waiting for you!! Go ahead say hello, you will be so glad you did!!” Jaclyn Shaw 


“I had my angel cards read by Shelly in October of 2017 and instantly felt connected to what my angels were saying and knew I needed to embark on this new journey. I spoke with Shelly following my reading and she had mentioned she was just about to launch her Angel Intelligence course in November and the timing could not have been more perfect. The course was very well organized and I found Shelly super knowledgeable. I received my certification this past December and the result of the course from my clients has been outstanding. I feel confident in my abilities to pass along messages from angels to my clients. One thing I liked about this course was the availability of Shelly throughout the course. Shelly was very reliable and helpful throughout the whole process. Overall I found the experience very motivating and successful. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone seeking a career in guidance, life coaching or mentorship. I would also recommend this course for anyone that simply knows their spiritual path and wants to connect with angels for any reason. It is truly a blessing to be able to connect with angels and help others find their guidance.” Jessie Baker


You’re being pull to study and learn more about something. What is it and why are you being guided in this direction? Take some time to read, learn and study something specific that is of great interest to you at this time or something that has recently peaked your interest. It’s happening for a reason. You love to learn and mastering something brings out your true passions and greatest gifts. ⠀⠀
You might even believe it is only for personal use, but there is a bigger plan ahead, just follow the path and soak it all up, you will soon understand why this plays an important role in your journey right now.