shelly boudah


My name is Shelly Boudah, I’m a passionate mama, wife and entrepreneur. I love to help others live their passion and design a life full of freedom. Freedom from health issues, pain and disease, and freedom from financial and time restraints. I believe that together as a tribe we can go so much further than we can alone. I’m an Angel Therapy Practitioner, a certified Angel card reader, a flexitarian and obsessed with crystals and their magical powers. Nothing makes my days more perfect than waking up and deciding who I choose to spend it with and what we will do. I was “retired” at 33 with a 6 figure residual income, and when I say “retired” I mean I choose to work because I LOVE what I do, but certainly don’t have to because of the residual empire I have successfully built. I love personal development, cozy evenings in with a fire and glass of champagne, fashion, home decor, cooking and Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I dream big, live bigger and I love to help others do the same.


Society is stuck on the idea that we go to school, get a degree, get specialized in something and then find a full time 9-5 job. We think it’s normal to wake up sluggish and tired, be overweight, live paycheck to paycheck and never be able to save enough to buy a house, let alone retire wealthy. Most think thousands in credit card debt, car payments and 2 weeks a year of vacation are the way it just is. We drag our butts to work for 40+ hrs a week, hate Mondays and pray all week for Fridays.

My mission is to create a global movement and show you how to live the “other way”. I want to teach and inspire others to live life the way we should be, full of energy and passion in our best health. I want to inspire people to create a life full of freedom. To practice and teach spiritual leadership globally. To inspire others to take the lead for their health, their finances, their freedom and their results, and I want to enjoy it with all of them. I want to connect a radiant tribe with others¬†who are also living outrageous and glorious lives whom are all about giving back by teaching others to do the same.

Join our movement and start building your empire, or at least lets work together and allow me to help you get to your best state of health so you can enjoy your life with freedom from pain and disease!

SB xx